Jennifer Kramer
Chief Operating Officer


Jennifer  is a former teacher, administrator, coach, athletic director, speaker, and educational consultant for over 20 years. She is Orton Gillingham, Linda Mood Bell, and dyslexia trained. She has also has developed educational curriculum for grades 1-12 in various disciplines and is a licensed lobbyist in Georgia and Florida and assisted with the passing educational policy. 

Lastly, she has worked with the Global Unity team to produce many of its large-scale summits and galas, and is a member of the National Educator Summit & National Mentorship Summit.

Jennifer is also currently COO of My Life My Power, committed to serving our future generations – both in the U.S. and around the world.

Donna Shepard

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Donna is Ryan Long's mother and brings to the table many years of professional experience specializing in ASI Relational Marketing. She has a unique ability to quickly connect with customers/Team Members and determine what their needs are even if they’re having trouble communicating them.

 Donna has enjoyed 20 years of successful sales & marketing in the promotional product industry & has traveled all across the US  teaching & training Sales Executives on how to increase their business utilizing promotional products. 

"I have traveled to all 50 United States & we have a beautiful country but what really makes our country great are the people!"

Special Interests/Hobbies
Non Profit and the Youths!

What is your dream and why do you want to be on the cover?
My Dream is to continue to inspire the younger generation, to be their light in the tunnel! We all know it’s easy to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but in reality someone needs to step up and believe in and encourage them and help them find their way. By doing so, they can grow to be the light for others! The numbers of young people lighting the tunnel for others will grow geometrically. Today my dream is to take a leap of on blind faith and share with the world that it is possible to succeed, and yes it can be YOU!

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